The Salamander Song

A bunch of us went out to lunch during the conference to Voodoo Dog, an awesome hotdog place.

Last weekend, Shelley Segal was in town for a Humanists of Florida Association conference. She performed a few songs during the conference, but the really awesome part was when she performed after the conference. During this impromptu show, she performed my new favorite song: The Salamander Song. The sad thing is, though, that she hasn’t recorded it yet. However, Mark Palmer (HFA executive director and a friend of mine) was able to convince Shelley to perform the song for his podcast. So, here it is! The song starts at about 14:30 (but the explanation of the song starts a few minutes before that, at about 11:00). The audio quality is not the best, but the song is still very funny and totally awesome.

Also, if you haven’t bought her album, “An Atheist Album,” you can find it on iTunes and Amazon. *cough*gobuyit*cough*


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