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Weekly Links: Volume 5

Today is Friday, which means I have two weeks left in this semester. And it also means that you probably want me to shut up about it and get to the links. Here they are:

  • How about a few examples of my favorite new meme? Pepper Spray Cop!
  • Bad news everyone! The next season of Doctor Who has been moved back to next fall.
  • Have you heard the news about the Burzynski clinic? Well, if not, Blag Hag has a good article about it. Don’t forget to read about the blogger that their lawyer tried to silence, and make sure you spread the word about this quack.
  • How not to market science to girls.” First tip, don’t make pink kits about perfume and “mystic” crystals and market them as ‘for girls’.
  • The latest news from the Republican circus: Another Cain scandal erupted this week when a woman claimed to have had an affair with him. Mike Huckabee seems to think that this accusation is worse for Cain than those of sexual harassment/assault, but Huckabee doesn’t think much of sexual harassment allegations.
  • WTF of the century: This guy thinks that “feminist marriage” will ruin everything (Warning: this guy is fucked up; be ready to rage). This is honestly too bizarre for me to even respond to it seriously.
  • Above: Chemistry Cat is very punny!

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