Weekly Links: Volume 9

Ah, the semester has begun and I’m getting back into the swing of things. But even with classes starting again (as well as my campus Freethinkers group, which I’m partly in charge of now!) I didn’t forget the links. So here they are!

  • How would you like a Santorum Salad? (If that doesn’t make you giggle, then maybe you haven’t heard what the current definition of Santorum is.)
  • Have you seen the Brick Bible? Well, this Catholic woman just did, and she does not approve.
  • Oh Reddit, why are you so awful?
  • This woman hasn’t personally experienced sexism in the skeptic/atheist community, therefore all women who say that have are just asking for special treatment. *sigh* Like we haven’t heard this shit before. The Blag Hag has a great article in response. Another good article on the topic from one of the Skepchicks.
  • Ready to be offended on every level? Well, if not, don’t watch “Work It”.
  • Frat guy sends out an email out about how to get sexpie from womentargets (trigger warning for rape culture and a genuinely awful human being).
  • How do you all feel about this controversial new PSA targeting obese children? Please share your opinions on this topic in the comments (I’m curious about what you all will have to say).
  • Above: Have I mentioned that I love science based humor? Well, I do. [via Memebase]

Now, go enjoy your weekend! And I’ll be Occupying (there’s a big event coming with my local Occupy early next week).

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