Weekly Links: Volume 6

Exam week has come, and I’m really busy. So enjoy the minimal amount of work that I’ve put into this while I read about organic chemistry.

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One response to “Weekly Links: Volume 6

  1. greame

    Excellent links. I lost half my coffee from uncontrollable fits of laughter after reading the Jesus/Borg/Comet Elenin link.

    Kepler 22b is super awesome! But I found this actual visible light photograph of an extrasolar planet, that orbits a star visible to the naked eye (Fomalhaut, southern hemesphere) to be extremely exciting too.

    And I thought you might also enjoy this radio interview with Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan about the book ‘Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors’, if you find the time. It’s about an hour and a half.

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