Weekly Links: Volume 5

Today is Friday, which means I have two weeks left in this semester. And it also means that you probably want me to shut up about it and get to the links. Here they are:

  • How about a few examples of my favorite new meme? Pepper Spray Cop!
  • Bad news everyone! The next season of Doctor Who has been moved back to next fall.
  • Have you heard the news about the Burzynski clinic? Well, if not, Blag Hag has a good article about it. Don’t forget to read about the blogger that their lawyer tried to silence, and make sure you spread the word about this quack.
  • How not to market science to girls.” First tip, don’t make pink kits about perfume and “mystic” crystals and market them as ‘for girls’.
  • The latest news from the Republican circus: Another Cain scandal erupted this week when a woman claimed to have had an affair with him. Mike Huckabee seems to think that this accusation is worse for Cain than those of sexual harassment/assault, but Huckabee doesn’t think much of sexual harassment allegations.
  • WTF of the century: This guy thinks that “feminist marriage” will ruin everything (Warning: this guy is fucked up; be ready to rage). This is honestly too bizarre for me to even respond to it seriously.
  • Above: Chemistry Cat is very punny!

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One response to “Weekly Links: Volume 5

  1. greame

    Phew. At least the Dr.’s Christmas special will be on time! It’s tough for me to get through the holidays without my dose of the Doctor. Maybe you will like this

    (Apologies in advance if my terrible html doesn’t work.)

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