Weekly Links: Volume 1

Links are great, don’t you agree?

So, because I’m just so great, I’m going to provide my readers (all 2 of you!) with funny/ interesting links every week! Basically, I do the work, you do the clicking.

So, without further ado, the links:

  • This Herman Cain video got overshadowed by his recent political ad (and various scandals), but it’s no less bizarre.
  • This Cracked article has been making the rounds, and rightly so.
  • Did someone say Carl Sagan Day? I think I’ll be making apple pie from scratch.
  • In case you haven’t seen the latest Google trick, here it is. And here‘s another one for you.
  • The dangers of BWF (blogging while female); “Content note: This post includes excerpts of threats and abusive language.”
  • The White House responds to the “remove ‘Under God’ from the pledge” petition, and it’s just as disappointing as you’d expect.
  • God is part of the 1%.
  • Above: Chile Ash Cloud.
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4 responses to “Weekly Links: Volume 1

  1. Ray, rude-ass yankee

    That’s an awesome picture! I need to find a high rez version for my desktop.

  2. greame

    All THREE! readers, now.

    Anyone who mentioned Carl Sagan day is awesome in my books.

  3. Hi Starstuff!
    I just love the ash cloud. The Easylinks ™ idea is great for lazy people like moi.

  4. greame

    Just FYI, Ethan Siegel over at the old science blogs (where Pharyngula used to be) has a fantastic post on volcanic lightning.


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